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Geisinger Centre County

Primary Care

Find Geisinger primary care physicians in each of our eight clinics conveniently located in the region. Geisinger primary care doctors live and work in the community, and take the time to get to know you and your healthcare needs. And all Geisinger doctors are connected to our network of experienced specialists. New patients welcome. Same-day appointments are available.

Click on the links below for details about our Bellefonte, Gray’s Woods, Philipsburg, Scenery Park, Huntingdon, Lewistown, Juniata and Lock Haven locations:

  • Geisinger-Bellefonte (Centre County)
    Family Medicine
    Appointments: 814-353-3505
    Main: 814-355-9743
  • Geisinger-Gray’s Woods (Centre County)
    Family Medicine and Pediatrics
    Appointments: 814-272-7200
    Main: 814-272-7100
  • Geisinger–Cold Springs (Huntingdon County)
    Family Medicine and Internal Medicine
    Main and Appointments: 814-643-6462
  • Geisinger–Lewistown (Mifflin County)
    Family Medicine, Internal Medicine and Pediatrics
    Main and Appointments: 717-242-4200
  • Geisinger-Philipsburg (Centre County)
    Family Medicine, Internal Medicine and Pediatrics
    Appointments: 814-342-8020
    Main: 814-342-5402
  • Geisinger-Scenery Park (Centre County)
    Family Medicine and Internal Medicine
    Appointments: 814-231-6271
    Main: 814-231-4560
  • Geisinger–Juniata (Mifflin, PA)
    Family Medicine
    Main and Appointments: 717-436-8986
  • Geisinger–Lock Haven (Clinton County)
    Family Medicine and Internal Medicine
    Main and Appointments: 570-748-771

Adult Specialty Care

You have access to a wide range of specialists who practice in Centre County. Geisinger specialists are fellowship-trained, which means they spend an extra year or more of intensive study in one area under the supervision of an expert physician in that field. And all Geisinger specialists are backed by the superior medical resources of Geisinger Medical Center in Danville – a nationally recognized hospital that is closer than you think to Centre County.

Specialties include:

Pediatric Specialty Care

From infants through teens, children in Centre County have access to Geisinger primary care pediatricians and a broad range of pediatric specialists. These specialists are backed by the resources of Geisinger’s Janet Weis Children’s Hospital in Danville – one of the most respected children’s hospitals in the region.

Pediatric specialties include:

Additional Services

To make attending to your healthcare needs as easy and convenient as possible, Geisinger offers additional services onsite at various locations.

Services include: