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Domestic Violence Task Force

 Breaking the cycle of domestic violence

An unexplained black eye. A hurtful insult hurled during a family event. A mom who can’t buy groceries because she can’t get child support. They’re all possible signs of domestic violence.

Domestic violence is a pattern of violent behavior (physical, sexual, emotional or economic)
that uses threats and intimidation to gain power and control over its victims. It’s a major public health problem in our region and around the country, and bears many costs for families and communities it violates.

Everyone deserves to live in a safe environment with support for a positive self-image.

About one-fourth of all violence-related hospital and emergency room visits by women result from domestic violence

--The Women’s Center, Inc., Power and Control in Domestic Violence

Geisinger is there

Partnering to stop the violence
Geisinger Bloomsburg Hospital (G-BH) has partnered with The Women’s Center, Inc. of Columbia/Montour (TWC) on a joint Domestic Violence Task Force since 1997. The task force members include representation from the Women’s Center Medical Advocacy program, G-BH, Bloomsburg University Health Center, Head Start, Nurse Family Partnership and Columbia/Montour Family Health.

Regardless of gender and age, domestic violence services are available to all victims of partner/spousal abuse and because of the partnership between G-BH and TWC, services can be accessed directly at G-BH.

G-BH and the TWC continue to work on the following goals for 2014 and beyond:

  • Promotion for Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence Awareness Months
  • Review and revise GBH domestic violence and sexual assault policies
  • Provide healthcare professional education for universal screening protocols
  • Establish a SANE (Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner) program

The Task Force also supports TWC by organizing numerous donation drives for:

  • 911 phones for victims
  • Member volunteer hours for maintenance of shelter
  • Give-a-Gift Program
  • Christmas time gifts for victimized families
  • Various supplies needed for the emergency shelter, including:
  • Toilet paper
  • Blankets
  • Clothing
  • Household items
  • Toiletries

Preventing abuse
The good news is that domestic violence is a preventable crime. That’s why we’re working with the TWC to bring abuse/assault risk reduction programs to schools, churches and community groups, while providing sensitivity training to our medical staff on how to talk to law enforcement and social services about domestic violence cases.

Seeking help
If you or someone you know is a victim of a physically and/or emotionally abusive relationship, contact The Women’s Center today for free, confidential advice and support.

The Women’s Center, Inc. of Columbia/Montour
111 North Market Street
Bloomsburg, PA 17815
Main Office: (570) 784-6632
Danville Office: (570) 275-4857