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Maternal and Family Health Services

Free healthcare for at-risk women and children
Serving the health and social service needs of medically vulnerable women and children in our community is an important public health goal.

It starts with access to high-quality, no-cost health care. Boosting maternal health, preventing poor birth outcomes and reducing hospitalizations can ensure a better life for the next generation of northeastern Pennsylvanians.

Every day in America, 1,172 women become pregnant while uninsured.

--American Pregnancy Association,

 Geisinger is there

Addressing the health needs of lower income women and children 
Providing 40-years of high-quality, preventive care for low income women, children and families in Northeastern Pennsylvania in Lackawanna County, Pennsylvania, The Maternal and Family Health Services (MFHS) Circle of Care at Geisinger-Community Medical Center (GCMC) delivers Circle of Care, a system of six health and social service programs.

  • Women, Infants and Children (WIC) Nutrition - Nutrition education and access to healthy foods for pregnant, breastfeeding and postpartum women, and children under age 5.
  • Family Planning - Reproductive health care for women, men and teens who may otherwise have no access to care.  Services include testing and treatment for sexually transmitted disease, access to contraceptives, pregnancy testing, counseling and referrals.
  • Healthy Beginnings Plus Prenatal - Complete prenatal care, including psycho-social counseling, for low-income or uninsured pregnant women.
  • Nurse-Family Partnership - Nurse-home visit program that partners highly-skilled registered nurses with at-risk, low-income pregnant women early in their first pregnancy and offers support and guidance during the critical first two years of the child’s life. 
  • Early and Periodic Screening, Diagnosis and Treatment (EPSDT) - Well-baby and well-child checkups  for Medicaid-eligible babies and children, designed to improve the health of low-income children through appropriate and necessary pediatric services.
  • Healthy Women Cancer Screening – Breast and cervical cancer screening for low-income, uninsured women ages 40-64.

How we’re helping
We work closely with the MFHS Circle of Care to ensure patients receive necessary follow-up care, social services and counseling. Along with the Healthy Women Program, GCMC provides screening and diagnostic mammograms and ultrasounds to 85-100 MFHS patients throughout the year. 

This one-stop-shop of preventive service meets reproductive health and nutrition needs of women in Lackawanna County while breaking the cycle of poverty, preventing disease, promoting wellness and encouraging healthy behaviors that last a lifetime.