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Improving Transportation for Better Health

More ways to travel means more access to care
You want to see a doctor, but getting there is impossible. You don’t drive. No one can give you a ride. And there are no good options for transportation. It’s a familiar and frustrating theme in rural communities like ours.

Access to healthcare depends on reliable transportation. Especially in our region, where long distances to medical facilities are common and public transportation is scarce.

The impact of poor transportation on healthcare for older adults in rural areas can’t be overstated. One missed trip for a follow-up appointment or therapy could have devastating effects on their health.

Unlike the public transit systems that serve most urban areas, public transportation is either sporadic or non-existent in rural Pennsylvania.

--Pennsylvania Rural Health Association, Status Check V: Pennsylvania Rural Health Care, Aug. 2010

Geisinger is there

Breaking down transportation barriers to care
Geisinger Community Medical Center (G-CMC) partners with community agencies within Lackawanna County on the Link program.

Created to streamline access to community services for disadvantaged residents, the Link system improves healthcare access for seniors and people with physical disabilities under age 60, while giving them more freedom and a better quality of life.

Qualifying enrollees can take advantage of Link six days a week (Monday through Saturday) for:

  • Medical appointments
  • Group shopping
  • Medical assistance transport service and dialysis.
  • And other additional services

G-CMC social workers and care managers are available to work with individual patients to access their transportation needs and help coordinate medical services. Referrals are available with individual counselors 24/7 who can assess a client’s problems and set them up with the appropriate form of transportation.

Van services for outpatient services
At G-CMC, our social workers partner with independent nursing facilities to coordinate transportation services and help transfer the patient back to the facility if needed. This allows patients who need a ride the ability to easily access outpatient treatment when the service is not available at the nursing home.

Lackawanna county Link To Aging and Disability Resources: 570-961-1234