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E-Prescribing Initiative

Improving medicine safety with E-Prescribing

Paperless prescriptions reduce costly mistakes
Does your doctor tap prescriptions into a fancy gadget rather than scribble it on a paper pad?

That’s electronic prescribing, or E-Prescribing.  It’s a paperless form of prescribing medications that reduces pharmacy wait time and improves safety with clear and legible instructions.

Pharmacy staff made more than 150 million calls to physician practices annually to clarify prescriptions or discuss possible errors.

-National Association of Chain Drug Stores, 1999 study

Geisinger is there

Reducing prescription hassles
E-Prescribing streamlines the loop from doctor to pharmacist to patient.

In use at all Geisinger outpatient clinics, E-Prescribing sends prescriptions directly from the doctor’s office to a patient’s pharmacy through a secure computer network. During this process, drug interaction and allergy checks are made for additional safety.

That means figuring out bad handwriting, blurry faxes and misplaced paper prescription are a thing of the past.

Helping more patients fill their prescriptions 
Why? Because E-prescribing:

  • Keeps patient from losing paper prescriptions  
  • Eliminates waiting around for a prescription to be filled
  • Builds and maintains a better medication history

Even refill requests can be generated electronically without phone calls to and from the clinic.

Lowering healthcare costs
With E-Prescribing, medical staff works faster because there’s no need to fax prescriptions to pharmacies or make phone calls to confirm patient medical records. For participating Geisinger physician offices, this translates to a savings of three hours a day.

More than 175,000 Geisinger prescriptions have been filled at stores like Weis Markets, CVS, Rite Aid, Giant, Wal-Mart and other pharmacies in our region.