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GHS Employee Wellness

How Rewards add up for our employees & you

Helping staff stay healthier to serve more people

Everyone, including health care professionals, struggles with keeping fit and making healthy choices.  Busy schedules often mean less treadmill time and more fast food stops than anyone cares to admit. 

As a voluntary, annual enrollment program, MyHealth Rewards is an employee wellness benefit designed to help our staff reach their health goals, manage chronic or serious health conditions and save money. We even offer the MyHealth Rewards program to spouses and domestic partners to enhance our wellness partnerships. 

And healthier employees mean they’re serving our community when we need them most.

Geisinger is there

Helping our staff lead healthier lives
How does MyHealth Rewards work? It’s pretty simple. If an employee chooses to join the program and adopt a healthier lifestyle, they’ll work toward a reduction in contributions to their healthcare premiums.

Joining MyHealth Rewards
Employees must meet three (3) requirements to join the program:

  • Voluntary yearly registration
  • Take a free confidential  Health Risk Assessment
  • Establish baseline wellness measures
  • Be tobacco-free or join a stop-smoking program to become tobacco free
  • Reach health goals set at the time of enrollment

Certain health conditions or a doctor’s advice may make it hard for some employees to join the program. We’ll work with them to find a way to qualify.

Lending a hand of support
Reaching health goals can be a challenge—no matter who you are. If employees have trouble meeting MyHealth Rewards goals, we provide a health coach to get them through the rough patch and give them a plan to succeed.