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Kohl's Cares Moving 4 Health

Kohl’s Cares

Children and families learning healthy habits for life
Childhood obesity is a major problem across the nation—and right here in our communities.

Media, society and peer pressure can make it difficult for children to lead healthy lives. Unhealthy foods and digital entertainment are glamorized. Physical activity is viewed as boring or corny.  

With too much screen time and too little outdoor play, an entire generation of children is on the fast track for serious health problems such as diabetes and heart disease.

Geisinger is there

Partnering for positive changes in kids…and adults
Our Janet Weis Children’s Hospital (JWCH) partners with Kohl’s for Kohl’s Cares Moving4Health, an innovative, online program of childhood obesity prevention education, resources and activities so children age three and older and their caregivers can learn how to live healthy lives, while supporting each other to meet personal wellness goals.

JWCH and Kohl’s Cares Moving4Health:

  • Shows children how to make positive changes in their daily eating and activity habits
  • Provides a fun, online experience that is simple to understand
  • Offers a one-of-a-kind resource that motivates children to increase offline activities
  • Reinforces healthy behaviors with suggestions for daily eating and activity improvement

In addition, the JWCH and Kohl’s Cares, is reaching children and their families through:

  • Weekly nutrition/fitness program at area school districts and community venues
  • Free health fairs across our region

Moving the entire family
It can be tough being a parent in a child’s electronic-driven world. While JWCH and Kohl’s Cares Moving4Health is an online educational and activity tool, it’s easy to understand. And it recognizes the important role adults play in shaping their child’s behavior.

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