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Medication Assistance

Affordable prescriptions for those in need

Health-saving medications at low or no cost
No one should go without medicine just because they can’t afford it. 

Yet so many underinsured or uninsured neighbors in our region suffer without their prescriptions because they’re unable to buy the medicine or handle the co-pays.

When area residents don’t take medications or change recommended dosages just to make their medicines last longer, they put themselves at a serious health risk and increase their chances of needing emergency care.

Geisinger is there

Providing free prescription guidance
Geisinger's Pharmaceutical Reimbursement Department can provide assistance for individuals who:

  • Are without prescription drug coverage
  • Cannot afford their high-dollar co-pays
  • Are in the Medicare Part-D Coverage gap or “donut hole”
  • Have insurance that does not cover a prescribed medication

Types of assistance available:

  • Pharmaceutical assistance programs: Offered by drug manufacturers. If approved, medications are sent by mail at no cost.
  • Discount mail order programs: Medications are sent by mail at a substantial discount
  • Discount cards: A card is used at a retail pharmacy to receive medications at a discount
  • Geisinger Health System Charity Care Program: Based on guidelines, you may qualify to receive medications at our pharmacy for a discount. Read more about our Financial Assistance Policy

You’re never alone
Our Pharmaceutical Reimbursement Coordinators will check to see if you qualify for medication assistance programs, verify if a high cost medication is covered by your prescription drug insurance and help you solve reimbursement issues.

Plus, we’ll even advise you on how to get your medicine at the lowest possible cost at your own pharmacy.

While our coordinators can’t assist you in choosing an insurance plan, we can enroll patients in PACE or PACENET over the phone. And in some cases, we’ll approve a “hold you over” supply of medicine from one of our pharmacies while you wait for your program medications to arrive.

Need medication help? Call us
Please call our Pharmaceutical Reimbursement Coordinators: (866) 948-4334 or Financial Assistance Consultants at (800) 640-4206 today.