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Geisinger Medical Center CHNA

Welcome to Geisinger Medical Center

danvilleHometown care with the respect you deserve

After nearly 100 years serving over two million residents across 44 counties in our region, we don't treat illness at Geisinger Medical Center. We treat people.

You just want to know your hospital takes you seriously. That someone realizes there's a person behind the chart. That they understand what it means to belong to this community.

Many of our employees grew up in in central and northeast Pennsylvania. Went to school here. Stayed here. Now at Geisinger Medical Center, they're providing compassionate, thoughtful care to our neighbors by:

  • Improving access to healthcare: Opening more doors to quality healthcare with free clinic support and recruiting more healthcare professionals to our area
  • Encouraging healthy behavior: Reaching out to community with free health fairs, classes and mobile care
  • Fostering community development: Working with community leaders to improve public transportation, local roads and highways for easier travel to care.

Everything we do is about earning your trust
Your satisfaction and continued good health depend on how we treat you. Not just with prescriptions and charts. But with courtesy and listening, too. And discussing your health with you in a way that's easy-to-understand.

Whenever you need us, Geisinger is there.



Improving access to healthcare

Affordable health insurance
Accessability of providers

Improving healthy behaviors

Increased awareness, education, motivation/incentives
Access to health options (i.e. food, recreations, schools)

Community Development

Specifically transportation