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GHP Young Adult/Kid Coverage

Affordable health plans for young people and kids

Simplifying coverage for healthier children and young adults
Did you know an emergency room visit is often the only time a young person or child in our area gets to see a doctor?
Without parental coverage, high costs can put health insurance out of reach for our region's youngest residents. This leads to a large number of underinsured young people with limited coverage, large deductibles or worse-no coverage at all.

So we've simplified our health plan choices to make it easier and faster for young adults to buy health insurance.

Twenty-three percent of Pennsylvanians ages 18-29 reported having no health insurance.

-2009 U.S. Centers for Disease Control Report

Geisinger is there

Giving young adults easy-to-understand coverage
The Affordable Care Act (ACA) - also known as healthcare reform - will expand health insurance access to make it easier to afford individual coverage. But the idea of choosing (and paying for) a health plan can be confusing. Deductibles. Coverage levels. "Insurance-ese." The questions swirl:

  • What plan is right for me?
  • Do I really need all the stuff they say I need?
  • Do I need health insurance if I'm never sick?

So to get to the heart of what young people really want from a health insurance plan, we spent many months listening to them.

Cost and quality were a concern. But they also wanted health insurance they could easily figure out. Flexibility. Plans that let them have a say in what coverage they buy without a lot of red tape.

MyChoice insurance for young adults
Our MyChoice insurance programs for young adults were designed with flexibility-and reality-in mind.

  • MyChoice Freedom allows members to pick and choose the outpatient benefits they want to pay for, and get rid of the ones they don't. You'll never pay for something you'll never use.
  • MyChoice Essential offers a package of benefits like the Freedom option, only with lower premiums.
  • MyChoice Rewards gives money back (up to $200) to members who live active, healthy lifestyles, including reimbursements for fitness center memberships, sports teams fees, fitness classes, etc.

All three plans include dental and vision benefits. There are no deductibles or coinsurance. Just a flat copay.

CHIP Coverage for children
For younger children, Pennsylvania's Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP)-through the Geisinger Health Plan-provides complete care to all eligible, uninsured children and teens in our service area.

Depending on your income, most children receive free coverage. Others will have affordable premiums and copayments for services. If family income is too low for CHIP, children may be enrolled in Medical Assistance.

Some CHIP benefits of our health plan include:

  • Routine check-ups and immunizations
  • Prescription drugs, eye and dental care
  • Emergency care

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