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GHP Healthy Rewards

Healthy Rewards fights the sofa magnet

How Geisinger Health Plan members earn money for staying active

The sofa magnet is a powerful thing.

Once it pulls you in, it’s rough getting out. Especially if you’re tired, just picked up the kids or had a crazy day at work. Exercise is just about the last thing on your mind.

Now, Geisinger Health Plan and Geisinger Choice* members in our area have a new reason to stay fit — cash back through Healthy Rewards.

Geisinger is there

Rewarding healthy behavior
Healthy Rewards is a new money back program that helps members pay for fitness activities and rewards those already leading an active life.

How Healthy Rewards works

  • Members (policyholder only) must complete an online health risk assessment to start the program.
  • Earn up to $100 for individual/$200 for families when you choose healthy activities like:
    • Joining a gym
    • Taking exercise classes
    • Entering a foot race
    • School athletics
    • Swimming lessons
    • Gymnastics
    • Sports camps and fees
    • Martial arts and more

How can residents get Healthy Rewards?
Healthy Rewards is included with Geisinger Health Plan and Geisinger Choice plans. All members need to do is complete the online health risk assessment and fill out the Healthy Rewards Reimbursement Form to get started.

Taking the Health Risk Assessment:

  • Login in at
  • Click the “Health and Wellness” tab on the left hand side
  • Click on “Health Risk Assessment”

Only the covered family member needs to take the health risk assessment. To add dependents to Healthy Rewards, separate forms are needed for each one. 

Then, just fill out the reimbursement form and return it with your receipt to the address on the form. It’s that simple!

*Healthy Rewards is not available for Geisinger Gold, Geisinger Health Options, GHP Family or GHP Kids members. Healthy Rewards is not available to members who converted from a group plan to an individual plan. Reimbursement is subject to approval by Geisinger Health Plan and Geisinger Choice. Geisinger Choice is a service offered through Geisinger Quality Options, Inc., an affiliate of Geisinger Health Plan.