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Geisinger Careworks expands healthcare access

Affordable walk-in clinics reduce emergency room visits & costs
Finding primary care in our area can be pretty hard. Sometimes it feels like there aren’t enough local doctors around. And when you can find one, their hours may not always be convenient to your schedule.

For many of our neighbors, the only alternative is a trip to the emergency room, even for common conditions like cold, flu and allergy symptoms. Conditions that might easily be treated with a routine physician’s office visit.

Did you know from physicals to flu shots to stop smoking programs, Geisinger Careworks walk-in clinics are bridging the primary care gap across Wyoming Valley?

“Access to quality healthcare that is affordable is a major issue for many Americans. Careworks is providing that access for many people whose only other options would be considerably more expensive.”

--Ken Berndt, Geisinger Careworks CEO

Geisinger is there

Freeing emergency rooms to do what they do best
According to the New England Healthcare Institute, the average cost of an emergency room visit is $580 more than the cost of an office health care visit.

To help reduce healthcare costs to patients, employers and the community, Geisinger Careworks clinics treats injuries or illnesses that require immediate treatment, but may not be serious enough to warrant an emergency room visit. This way, common medical illnesses such as strep throat, ear infections or allergies can be handled quickly to reduce patient frustration, while easing the burden on local emergency departments. 

Bringing care to where it’s needed
Each Geisinger Careworks clinic treats 7,000–10,000 patients per year with open access to all individuals throughout our 21-county service areas. Clinics are based primarily in areas to increase service to low income residents and families. Medicaid recipients make up 12-20% of the visits depending on location.

Geisinger Careworks clinics are open every day
Have 15-20 minutes to spare? That’s how long the average Careworks clinic visit takes. No appointments necessary! That includes weeknights and weekends. So it’s easy to stop in and see one of our friendly clinicians who will meet your everyday healthcare needs.

All of our Careworks sites perform routine treatment, such as:

  • Non-emergency urgent care (such as problems related to colds, tick bites, asthma)
  • Sports and employment physicals
  • Immunizations  
  • Blood work
  • And more

Quality care that’s professional and affordable
All Careworks clinics are staffed by certified nurse practitioners and physician assistants, who are supervised by Geisinger primary care physicians. They use the same electronic medical records as our primary care sites, so information flows effortlessly between both facilities. 

Pick up groceries, see a doctor!
Located for maximum convenience, you can find Careworks clinics within retail stores in your neighborhood, such as Weis Supermarkets or other shopping centers. And every clinic is near public transportation routes in larger cities, like Scranton. 

You can receive general imaging, such as chest x-rays at our community locations. Have a health issue that needs extra attention? We’ll schedule you for primary care. If you have a health emergency, Careworks will get you to emergency care.

Convenient billing
We treat all patients: Medicaid, Medicare, employer or self-insured—even the uninsured. Careworks clinics bill as a primary care clinic, so patients with insurance only need to pay their co-pay, and we offer a discounted fees to the poor and uninsured.

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