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Removing Language Barriers for Better Care

Video interpreter device brings provider and patients closer 
It’s frustrating for both providers and patient when language gets in the way of effective care. Language barriers are roadblocks to healthcare, can affect the quality of care, and may even pose serious health risks due to errors. 

Even everyday medical transactions become difficult when healthcare professionals and patients can’t understand each other. Forms go incomplete. Eligible services go unused. Unnecessary tests and medicines are ordered or prescribed. 

When patients can communicate with providers clearly, they’re more satisfied, safer and feel more confident about the quality of care they receive. 

95% of nurses reported that the language barrier was an impediment to quality care.

-- Impact of language barrier on acute care medical professionals is dependent upon role, U.S. National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health

Geisinger is there

Introducing MARTTI
MARTTI (My Accessible Real Time Trusted Interpreter )is an on-demand, remote video interpreting device used for patients who are:

  • Limited English proficient (LEP)
  • Deaf or hard of hearing. 

Available 24 hours a day in more than 200 languages and American sign language, MARTTI is operated by medically-qualified and trained interpreters. MARTTI is immediate, reliable and easy-to-use. At the push of a button, MARTTI helps us connect, communicate and care. 

After three years in action, over 60 MARTTI devices are used across the Geisinger Health System with plans to expand the service to our clinical outreach sites around the region.  

Language Line
And MARTTI isn’t alone. Language Line, our audio interpretation service still provides LEP  interpretation to our patients and families at all Geisinger locations, as well as on-site sign language interpreters.