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Medical Home Initiative

ProvenHealth Navigator: Better care through teamwork
Patient-centered medical home keeps patients, providers and payers in sync 

When providers and insurance companies don’t work together, the results aren’t always pretty. And patients often get caught in the middle.

Everyone wants the patient to be healthy, but many times there’s disagreement on the best way to get there.

So we created ProvenHealth Navigator (PHN) to remove the barriers between health plans and providers, putting chronically ill patients and their families at the center of customized healthcare.

Whether the patient is healthy, recently ill or has a chronic condition, PHN can improve care coordination, reduce costs, enhance healthcare access and allow for more effective case management.

“The medical home is really about more proactive, patient-centered care, determining their needs and finding the best way to meet those needs.”

--Thomas Graf, M.D., Chairman, Geisinger Community Practice Service Line

How medical home works
A medical “home” isn’t a building. It’s a model of care that puts a patient’s primary doctor in charge of a team that includes a PHN care manager, families, hospitals, specialists, pharmacists and skilled nursing facilities. The team works closely together to ensure the patient gets a high-level of preventive care to decrease the need for unnecessary hospitalizations.

The benefit? Questions get answered. Early warning signs are addressed. Emergency visits are avoided. Communication between health plans, patients and providers is stronger.

Geisinger is there

ProvenHealth Navigator offers:

  • Access to a PHN care manager 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Same-day appointments.
  • Help with figuring out medications and prescription drug coverage.
  • Access to community resources, such as Meals on Wheels

Putting the “proven” in ProvenHealth
Patients, providers and payers agree: ProvenHealth Navigator® works. Since PHN has been in place, we’ve seen:

  • A 15-18% decrease in yearly hospital admissions
  • A 22% decrease in readmissions annually

And 72% of patients thought the quality of care was better after working with a PHN case manager.