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Healthy Food Options at GHS

Bringing better menus to the table

Helping employees & visitors make healthy choices

When it comes to food, making healthy choices is easier said than done. Everyone enjoys a guilty pleasure every now and then. Even us.  

But to promote good eating habits to our patients and the community, we have to walk the walk. 

That’s why from vending machines to medical diets  and in our cafeterias, we’re making healthy eating more attractive, while providing easy-to-understand nutritional information so our employees, volunteers, visitors and patients can make better food selections at our facilities.

Geisinger is there

Putting workplace nutrition on the front burner
Good or bad, everything we eat is a health-related choice. That’s why we created the Geisinger Healthy Selections program. It’s not just a menu. It’s a fun, fresh way to think about making healthy eating choices. Our vision is based on four guiding themes that run throughout everything we do:

  • Quality: Providing excellent care across the organization
  • Value: Offering care where and when it is needed
  • Partnerships: Working with other providers, businesses and educational institutions
  • Advocacy: Championing rural health improvement

People want to eat better. Sometimes they just need a little help doing so. To make healthy eating easier at Geisinger food locations, we’re giving our customers:

  • Plainly-visible nutritional values
  • Clearly-marked gluten-free items
  • Allergy information (when available)
  • Healthy catering menu options
  • Appropriate portion size
  • New Get Fresh Farmer’s Market (coming soon)

Continuous improvement
Healthy Selections isn’t just a checkmark on a corporate list. It’s a living, breathing goal with ongoing partnerships across many departments (including Clinical Nutrition and Wellness & Sustainability) as we fine-tune our healthy eating strategy for the future.

Geisinger Food Service/Healthy Selections – Fast Facts

• Healthy Selections started in 2007. Currently available at Geisinger Medical Center (GMC), Geisinger Wyoming Valley (GWV) and Geisinger Community Medical Center (G-CMC) 
• Created in collaboration with employee wellness program
• Offers a wide variety of food options to meet healthy guidelines
• Offers healthy cooking demonstrations and educational opportunities via video feeds from the GMC Atrium Café kitchen