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Taking the Pain out of Medication Therapy

Improving prescription accuracy reduces healthcare costs
Take one capsule once a day. Take two tablets every four hours. Keeping track of multiple medicines on a daily basis can be confusing, stressful and even dangerous when not taken correctly.

You do your best, but staying on top of everything is tough. Especially if you’re older and have chronic health conditions like heart disease, diabetes or high blood pressure. And if you’re a parent, you want to ensure you’re giving your child the right dosage for their age and size.

But it’s not just patients who need medication guidance. Even healthcare professionals need to learn better ways to talk to patients about managing chronic diseases with medication.

Nearly half of all hospital-related medication errors are attributed to poor communication at the transitions and interfaces of care.

--American Society of Health-System Pharmacists

Geisinger is there

Making medication therapy safer for patients and providers
The goal of the medication therapy management (MTM) is to keep you safe and healthy. How? By making sure you’re taking the proper medications to treat your medical conditions, and working with you one-on-one to customize your drug plan to your medical needs.

We’ve developed a comprehensive MTM program that

Performs extensive medication therapy reviews to:

  • Ensure you understand your medications
  • Explain all the risks of each medication you take
  • Eliminate medication duplications

Identifies, evaluates and resolves medication related problems by:

  • Providing patient counseling
  • Resolving side effects
  • Reducing medication interactions
  • Ensuring that medication instructions are easy-to-follow

Monitors and manages chronic disease medication regimens by:

  • Scheduling and following-up with blood work if you’re taking blood-thinning medications
  • Monitoring blood sugars, blood pressure, and cholesterol blood work
  • Making necessary medication changes based on close monitoring

Designs patient specific and tailored medication therapies and monitoring programs

  • Working with you to ensure your medication therapy works with your lifestyle

Recommends cost-effective therapy regimens

Documents each step of care and shares information with your other health care providers

  • Each time you’re seen by an MTM pharmacist, a progress note is placed in your medical record detailing the visit. A copy of that note is sent directly to the physician that placed your referral to see a pharmacist.

Why MTM helps make a healthier community
A pharmacist-managed drug program reduces emergency room and hospital admissions by helping patients stick to medication instructions, while lowering the chance of negative drug interactions.

You should always have complete confidence in your medication therapy. So once you’re referred for MTM, we’ll sit down with you and explain your prescriptions. This way, you’ll know exactly what medicines you’re taking and why you’re taking them.

And to ensure consistency and reduce mistakes, all Geisinger pharmacists must earn certification in each disease they manage.