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Featured Funded: Rehab

cmnNew equipment helps kids in rehabilitation

Over the years, Children’s Miracle Network at Geisinger funds have helped the Janet Weis Children’s Hospital pediatric rehabilitation department grow and expand to meet the needs of many patients.

Pediatric Rehabilitation provides physical and occupational therapy, and speech pathology services to children born with special needs as well as older children challenged by injury, illness or mental disability.  The rehabilitation center is outfitted with a variety of specialized equipment.

A recent addition to Pediatric Rehabilitation, made possible with Children’s Miracle Network funding, is the Balance Master system.  This computerized piece of equipment aids in the training efforts for children regaining movement and balance skills.  The footplate is attached to a monitor, which displays feedback to the patient’s movements through various maneuvers.

“It benefits a number of different patients, and can be used for children from 7 or 8 years old through teen-aged patients,” says Debbie Dressler, pediatric rehabilitation specialist.  “The patients actually can see the progress they are making on the monitor, and that visual feedback is incredibly beneficial.”

The system also adds some fun into the rehabilitation process.  The visual feedback can occur in a type of game, similar to video games.  Achieving the goals in the game equates to regaining necessary daily skills, and the system can be adjusted as the patient progresses.

Items such as this piece of equipment are regularly funded by Children’s Miracle Network to help children recover.