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Destination Care

Introducing Destination Care: The Road to Recovery at Geisinger Medical Center

GMCGeisinger Medical Center (GMC) is an award-winning, nationally recognized medical facility that has earned a reputation for treating the most critically ill patients with leading-edge medicine. Located in Danville, PA, GMC is home to a pediatric hospital, trauma center, transplant, neurosurgery, and cancer services, and the highly acclaimed Geisinger Heart and Vascular Institute.

Every year, scores of patients travel from far and wide to take advantage of the advanced surgical capabilities of GMC. Understanding that these patients face special challenges, Geisinger created the Destination Care program to improve their level of care. This program allows patients who live at least 100 miles from GMC to take advantage of advanced surgical techniques that can make a
life-saving difference.

Geisinger’s commitment to innovation continues to drive all patient care decisions and ensures Geisinger remains at the leading edge of advances in patient care, research, education, and medical technology.