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The Destination Care program at Geisinger

Our Destination Care program is dedicated to making sure that you have the best possible hospital experience from pre-surgery through recovery. An essential part of this program is the integration of a Patient Liaison and Nurse Navigator. In addition, our highly skilled doctors, advanced practitioners and nursing staff understand the special challenges that you may face and will provide team-based support every step of the way. Available to patients who live at least 100 miles from Danville, PA, your Destination Care program is tailored to meet your unique needs and will include the following phases:


Geisinger teamIf your hometown physician identifies you as a candidate for a surgical procedure performed at Geisinger Medical Center (GMC), you can contact your insurance company representative who will talk to you about coverage options. A member of the Geisinger team will then contact your physician to obtain your records, review your case and discuss whether you are a good candidate for our Destination Care program. Should you choose Geisinger, a date and time for surgery will be scheduled and you will be assigned a Patient Liaison who will be there for you to make sure your non-clinical needs are met.

Shortly before your surgery, you will travel to Danville, typically with a Caregiver, and check into the Pine Barn Inn, a hotel located on the GMC campus. Your Patient Liaison will be there to meet you, introduce you to your Nurse Navigator, your surgeons, and other important members of your care team.

Surgery and Post-Op

HfAMOn the day of your procedure, you will be escorted to the Hospital for Advanced Medicine (HfAM) for pre-surgical preparations and the procedure itself.  A nurse will report on the progress of the procedure and the surgeon will speak to you and/or family when the surgery is complete.

Your immediate postoperative recovery will take place in our state-of-the-art adaptable HfAM rooms, where you will be continuously monitored and cared for by our specially trained nursing staff, physician assistants and doctors. The nurses will answer any questions you may have and will explain the medical equipment used in your recovery. Part of a team-based model, they are constantly exchanging information with your surgeon, both in person and electronically, about your progress.


Pine Barn InnWhen the surgeon feels that you are ready to return home, the hospital will provide discharge instructions to further assist you in the recovery process. Once you are home, you will have follow up visits with your hometown physician. He or she is encouraged to consult with your Geisinger surgeon at any time, and schedule any follow up visits that are needed.

If you feel more comfortable recovering at the Pine Barn Inn before traveling home, the Patient Liaison will make arrangements to extend the duration of your stay.