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The Family History Project

Family history is known to be a risk factor for many common, chronic conditions such as coronary artery disease, hypertension, stroke, obesity and diabetes. This project offers individuals like you in Pennsylvania the opportunity to collect your family health history, possibly discover high-risk factors for your health and practice individualized preventive action if appropriate.

This innovative community project has been made possible by a gift from Weis Markets, in partnership with Geisinger Genomic Medicine Institute. The program will have a clear impact on our population's health, as well as lead to significant and exciting research opportunities.

Activities include:

  • Interactive educational tools to explain the importance of family history in prevention.
  • Guides to enable family history collection.
  • Tools to discuss family history with healthcare providers.
  • Opportunities for online, telephone and in-person review of your family history by a genetic counselor.
  • The option to engage in local research addressing family health history and health risks.

Your Family Health Portrait: An Activity For The Whole Family

If you are reuniting with your relatives during the holiday season, use this chance to collect important family health information. Aunt Dottie or Grandpa Bill may be that one special relative who knows everything about your family's history.

Use these tools to make it fun and easy

Try these family health history resources:

A Guide to Family Health History (.pdf)Heathcare Provider Card Family History Record

A Guide to Family
Health History

Healthcare Provider

Family History


Questions on the MyCode Community Health Initiative or to find out how to participate:

If you have questions or would like to speak with a MyCode team member, please e-mail or call (toll free) 1-855-636-0019.