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Human Research Protection Program (HRPP)

Human Subject Research

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Geisinger’s Human Research Protection Program (HRPP), integrates the activities and functions of Geisinger Institutional Review Board (IRB), Office of Research Compliance (ORC), Office of Sponsored Projects (OSP), and other review units through oversight, education and quality assurance activities, including program administration. The HRPP seeks to assure the rights and welfare of research participants and promote excellence in all aspects of human subjects research.

The HRPP does this by serving as the advocate for the rights and welfare of persons who participate in human subjects research conducted at Geisinger and all affiliate organizations for which there is an agreement to provide services related to the HRPP.

The HRPP promotes high quality, ethical research through:

  • Requiring IRB review and approval for all human subject research conducted at Geisinger prior to including human participants in any research study.

  • Monitoring, evaluating and continually improving the protection of human research participants.

  • Overseeing research protection.

  • Promoting compliance with relevant laws, regulations and professional and ethical standards at all levels.

  • Responding directly to concerns of research participants.

  • Addressing the needs and concerns of researchers in support of their endeavors.

  • Educating investigators and research staff about their ethical responsibility to protect research participants.

Geisinger's HRPP has been successful in obtaining accreditation by the Association for the Accreditation of Human Research Protection Programs (AAHRPP). Geisinger Health System was awarded the status of full accreditation for a three-year period, effective March 2016. This important achievement reflects Geisinger’s commitment to protecting the rights and welfare of research participants.

For information on Geisinger's current human research studies and how to participate, please check Find a Study, Find an Investigator, or contact Geisinger HRPP staff.

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