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System-wide electronic health record

Geisinger Health System is one of the country's "most wired" healthcare companies with an electronic health record (EHR) in all outpatient clinics, patient portal and other digital means of delivering care. The EHR database contains information on more than three million patients. These records are utilized by clinicians for both inpatient and outpatient records with integrated electronic scheduling, clinical lab and radiology system. The patient portal, MyGeisinger, is used by nearly 360,000 patients and provides patients with secured access to their problem list, medications, allergies, immunizations and test results. Community EHR (EMRLink) provides almost 5,410 non-Geisinger users (generally physicians who refer patients to Geisinger and their office staff) secure, real-time, HIPAA-compliant access to their patients' EHR, with appropriate authorization. Patient information from a variety of sources is routinely integrated into a common database.

A single state-of-the art laboratory unit, in place since 1993, collects and processes all lab and pathology material and has maintained a digital database since 1995.

In addition to these data resources, two other initiatives are underway. First, a plan is being developed to digitize historical paper records, extending longitudinal information on patients back several decades. Second, a number of research initiatives are leading to the development of patient reported data capture using computerized questionnaires (e.g., touch screens). Geisinger is employing mobile technologies across the care continuum.

Established system-wide biobanking

Beginning in 2007, Geisinger began a biobanking initiative at the direction of the external Scientific Advisory Board in recognition of the role genomics would play in the future of medicine and Geisinger's focus on individualized medicine and care.

In 2013 MyCode® was expanded to the MyCode® Community Health Initiative to include exome and genome sequencing and a commitment to the return of clinically actionable research results. Sample collection occurs in primary care, specialty and pediatric clinics. Consenting and collection of samples during community events began in 2014.

Standardized specimen container type, transport, location tracking and storage for 3,000+ patient encounters per day provide quality serum, RNA and DNA specimens. An Institutional Review Board-approved system is in place to allow the retrieval and storage of clinical specimens from consented participants that are scheduled to be destroyed. Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments-approved (CLIA) samples are available for research, and the MyCode biobank is CLIA-certified. All samples are linked by a unique code to the Geisinger Epic electronic medical record.

For more information about the MyCode® Community Health Initiative and biobanking activities at Geisinger, contact Carroll Flansburg, at or 855-636-0019.