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Message from our Campaign Co-Chairs

Celebrating the Past and Redefining the Future

The story of Geisinger Health System began nearly a century ago, fueled by the transformational philanthropy and the uncompromising vision of our founder, Abigail Geisinger.

In the early days of the 20th century, Mrs. Geisinger, a woman who refused to be bound by the norms and conventions of her day, pledged to build a hospital to honor her late husand, George Geisinger. She purchased 13 acres of land, created an endowment, established an advisory board, formed a building committee, and selected an architect. She sought advice from community leaders and recruited Dr. Harold Foss, a surgeon trained in the greatest traditions of healthcare innovation, to implement her plan. Her instructions were simple - "Make my hospital right. Make it the best."

Guided by Mrs. Geisinger's vision and her values, Geisinger has evolved into the fully integrated health service organization we know today. In fact, her innovative spirit continues to inspire us on our quest for quality and value… and in our determination to redefine the boundaries of healthcare, education, research, and service.

Now her dream is spreading… across the country and around the world. The President and Congress, healthcare strategists, and industry experts all are studying Geisinger's model in an effort to determine if what we do here can serve as a model for the nation and beyond.

For generations, residents of this region have been the beneficiaries of Mrs. Geisinger's vision and generosity. Now we look to Geisinger's second century buoyed by the knowledge that our care model and our mission will continue to enable us to transform how healthcare is provided, discover new ways to engage patients in their own care, and export Geisinger quality and innovation across the region and the nation.

We ask you to join us on our journey and to partner with us in this, our second century, as we redefine the boundaries of healthcare.

Robert L. Tambur
Campaign Co-Chair
Frank M. Henry
Campaign Co-Chair
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