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Patricia & John Atkins

Freedom from addiction brings hope 

atkinsPatricia and John Atkins understand the realities of addiction. Through financial support, they help others achieve change and freedom in their lives.

Parent. Co-worker. Child. Friend. For those who abuse drugs or alcohol, the damage can cast a wide pall across the lives of everyone they love – and who loves them.

By partnering with Geisinger’s Marworth Drug & Alcohol Treatment Center, philanthropists John and Patricia Atkins, owners of Patsel’s Restaurant in Glenburn, enable many people to live free from substance abuse.

“I came from a family of alcoholics,” Pat says. “Daddy drank too much. But I loved him. He was my Daddy. I was his ‘Patsel.’”

Such abiding love and tenderness is part of the heartache for people who live or work with alcoholics. For those in the throes of such addictions, Marworth offers hope. 

“It wasn’t my life that would have changed that much if Daddy had accepted help. It was his life that would have been changed,” Pat says with regret. As an adult, she has seen close friends and their families devastated by alcoholism.

Pat chose to let her experiences inspire her to help others face their addictions. She has provided personal encouragement and even accompanied friends during successful rehabilitations at Marworth. And for many years, she and her husband, John, have supported Marworth’s programs through yearly gifts. 

Because of such support of Marworth’s programs, families and friends are once again embracing loved ones they had lost to alcohol and drugs, and those recovering from addictions are finding joy and hope they might have otherwise never known.

Marworth is a “wonderful, wonderful place,” Pat says.

Help loved ones lost to alcohol and drugs put their relationships back together

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