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David & Nancy Maidman

A birthday wish for life-saving care

maidmanAn unfortunate auto accident near Danville first brought David Maidman into contact with Geisinger Health System.  Geisinger’s heroic personnel brought David from the bottom of a ravine with multiple fractures and other life-threatening wounds to full and complete recovery. In gratitude, the Maidmans established an endowment with Geisinger that funds its trauma center and ensures high-quality emergency care remains available in central and northeast Pennsylvania.

After an accident had sent him sailing off interstate 80 near Danville, PA, David Maidman suffered injuries so severe, one doctor later said his injuries resembled those of land mine victims.

“The hospital chaplain called to speak to me and my son,” Nancy recalls of those first hours after learning of her husband’s accident. “He wanted to pray with us right then, over the phone, because no one knew if David was going to live.”

Once rescue workers lifted David from the ravine, Geisinger Medical Center’s Level 1 trauma center was just a brief LifeFlight® helicopter ride away. Geisinger’s specialists worked many hours to stabilize him when he arrived. Surgery lasted 12 hours and involved intricate procedures and multiple surgeons.

Nancy was relieved to find her husband focused and coherent. Three weeks and multiple surgeries later, David went home. Except for special eyeglasses to correct damaged vision, he is now completely recovered, with little trace of the trauma.

Inspired by this gratitude, the Maidmans asked for donations to Geisinger instead of gifts to celebrate David’s 65th birthday. This gesture became the basis for an endowment that now benefits communities throughout the region. 

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