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Pam & Ray Marcon

Helping other families heal

marconRay and Pam Marcon’s daughter, Leah, is now in recovery from alcoholism, thanks to her treatment at Marworth, Geisinger’s nationally recognized alcohol and chemical dependency treatment center. Marworth’s comprehensive treatment approach set Leah firmly on the road to recovery and is why the Marcons enthusiastically support the Marworth 20th Anniversary Improvement Fund.

With Marworth’s help, the Marcon family was able to understand the battle their daughter Leah faced and began their own journey to recovery. Thanks to intensive inpatient therapy at Marworth, Leah successfully confronted alcoholism and is now enjoying the countless opportunities of sober living.

The Marcons were deeply impressed with the Marworth treatment program, particularly the family component. “Marworth gave us the tools we needed to deal with Leah’s addiction,” says Pam. “The family program put us in touch with others, brought our family together, and showed us that this is not just about the patient’s recovery, but the family’s recovery as well.”

Ray and Pam contribute to the fund that enables Geisinger to expand and enhance the counseling wing at the center. “By supporting the Marworth 20th Anniversary Improvement Fund, we are taking our personal experience and turning it into a positive by helping other families to heal.”

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