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Larry Stetler & Peter Danchak

PNC Bank - community partnership

pncA valued partner invests in the people of Pennsylvania by investing in Geisinger Health System. In doing so, Peter J. Danchak and Larry Stetler of PNC Bank improve their community, while honoring a valuable partnership forged between the bank and Abigail Geisinger nearly 100 years ago.

PNC Bank has committed significant funds in support of Geisinger programs throughout its history. The corporation most recently pledged hundreds of thousands of dollars to the Richard and Marion Pearsall Heart Hospital at Geisinger Wyoming Valley, the Marworth Alcohol and Chemical Dependency Treatment Center, the Tambur Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, and the Frank and Dorothea Henry Cancer Center in Wilkes-Barre. The bank made these gifts in addition to their on-going sponsorships for the Children’s Miracle Network, which supports Geisinger’s Janet Weis Children’s Hospital.

The management at PNC Bank strongly understands the importance of supporting Geisinger. “A successful health care system means good paying jobs in our communities, and access to quality health care directly correlates with the quality of life we enjoy here,” says Peter J. Danchak, President of PNC Bank, NE. “Geisinger is a major resource for communities throughout much of Pennsylvania,” he continues. “They directly impact economic development. That’s a goal we share.”

A history of partnership
The partnership between PNC Bank and Geisinger Foundation can be traced back to the earliest days of Geisinger. When Abigail Geisinger decided to establish the Foundation, she looked for banks that could best advance her innovative goals. She ultimately partnered with another innovative and philanthropically like-minded corporate citizen when she established her Geisinger Trust with the forerunners of PNC Bank.

Since its earliest days, the bank took its charge as trustee seriously, but its relationship with Geisinger has always gone far beyond those obligations.

“We are honored that PNC and Geisinger have such a strong — and long — history which dates back to Abigail Geisinger herself,” Peter says. “She was a woman with the foresight to meet the future needs of her community. Through our support of Geisinger, we lend our hand in fulfilling her legacy.”

Like other corporate donors, PNC leadership believes that an investment in Geisinger is an investment in the community as well. “By supporting Geisinger we also reach a large population in our service area — including many of our clients, employees, shareholders and prospects.”

Abigail Geisinger’s generosity continues to inspire gifts like those from PNC Bank, gifts that enable Geisinger Health System to care for more than 2.6 million people each year. “Abigail Geisinger had a passion for her community and wanted to do something for people,” says Larry Stetler, retired Vice Chairman and Director Emeritus, PNC, N.E. and current Chairman, Marworth Advisory Board, who served on the board of Geisinger Foundation for almost three decades. “She felt that health care was the most important element needed at the time.” So, late in her life, Abigail Geisinger established an irrevocable trust, a trust which was to become the foundation of a health system that today serves citizens across the commonwealth.

“She was intuitive and insightful as well as generous,” Larry says. “She put no limitations on how the hospital trust was to be used. Instead, she simply said, ‘Make it the best.’ ”

To this day, PNC Bank remains a key partner and contributor to Geisinger Health System.

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