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Sue & Jim Powers

Three generations of confidence in Geisinger

powersJim and Sue Powers have been affiliated with Geisinger since 1985, when Jim subscribed to Geisinger Health Plan for his family business. Almost thirty years — and two life-changing experiences — later, their gift to the Pediatric Orthopaedic Endowment Fund is a testament to their continued confidence in Geisinger Health System. 

Jim credits Geisinger physicians for making the critical call when his grandson Weston was born with a “port wine” birthmark on his face and body. “They recognized that he had infant glaucoma, and recommended surgery at six months to save his eyesight.” Weston, now 22, is a professional photographer. 

“At work, our focus was always on quality,” says Jim, whose business manufactured precision plastic parts for the medical and electronic industries. “Our company paid the utmost attention to detail, and I saw that Geisinger did, too. That gave us a lot of confidence.”

Confidence translated into courage when they had to face a new challenge — at birth, their granddaughter’s legs twisted inward, making it hard for her to get around. “The pediatric orthopaedic team outlined a plan with multiple surgeries, plates, and screws,” says Sue. “It was intense, but the whole family had confidence in Geisinger.”

Today, after complex surgery, 10-year-old Leslie is playing softball and basketball. “What the Geisinger team did for her was a miracle,” says Sue. “That’s our main reason for giving to pediatric orthopaedics — because we want other children to have the same chance.”  In fact, Leslie and her mother just ran in a 5K charity race, cheered on by family and friends.

Help to provide quality pediatric orthopaedic care to more children.

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