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Letha Reinheimer

Giving comes with gifts

reinheimerLetha Wells Reinheimer learned two important lessons from her father: the importance of quality healthcare, and the value of service. She combines both as volunteer and donor to the Geisinger Foundation. 
Edward T. Wells loved going to concerts and museums, but he believed even more in the basics. “My father used to say, ‘If you’re not healthy, you can’t support the arts.’”
Letha Wells Reinheimer sought his advice when she was asked to join the board of the Community Medical Center (CMC) in Scranton. He encouraged her to get involved, but made it clear he expected his daughter to do a good job. “This is a huge responsibility,” he cautioned, “and you have to take it seriously.”
Letha spent the next year learning about finances and quality control, and then turned her attention to the need for a trauma center at CMC that would serve the entire northeast region. “We had to teach people why it was important to have a place where patients could get immediate care. In certain cases, a few minutes can make the difference between life and death.” The development campaign, called Minutes to a Miracle, raised $2.2 million.
CMC needed to grow. “We needed a partner, and Geisinger was the model for how we wanted to deliver care – highly sophisticated and compassionate.” Letha describes the 2013 merger between Geisinger and Scranton’s CMC as “a great marriage.”
Like her father, Letha believes in service. “Giving comes with gifts,” she says. “It’s not just that it’s important to care for one another. When you give of your time and resources, you get a broader sense of your community. That makes you grow as a human being, and what a wonderful thing it is to grow.”

Experience the joy of helping others

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