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Gov. William & Mary Scranton

Former governor's remarkable gift

scrantonGovernor William and Mary Scranton’s philanthropic support of Geisinger Health System is part of a remarkable legacy of service and care for the people of Pennsylvania. Following two decades of living at Marworth, their beautiful stone estate in northeastern Pennsylvania, the Scranton’s gifted the property to Geisinger Health System. Since 1982, Geisinger’s Marworth Treatment Center has transformed the lives of countless individuals struggling with chemical dependency. 

For many years, Gov. Scranton served as a Trustee of Geisinger Health System, so it is fitting that today Marworth is home to one of the most successful alcohol and chemical addiction treatment centers in the country.

“The extreme generosity of people like the Scrantons is actually one of the hallmarks of Geisinger,” says Larry Stetler, Chairman of the Marworth Advisory Board and former member of the Geisinger Foundation board of directors. “I know they must be proud to see what’s happened to Marworth.”

From the child whose parent abuses alcohol or drugs to the child who is himself dependent on chemicals, the services of Geisinger’s Marworth Treatment Center reach entire families. Innovative programs also address the specific, complex challenges of people in high-stress professions, such as those in health care or serving in the military, police and firefighting forces. 

Because of the Scrantons’ gift, people of all ages, families and individuals are elevated above their addictions.

Gov. William Scranton’s political, economic, and social successes led him from serving in the Pennsylvania State House to working in the White House, then to the United Nations and the boardrooms of more than 20 corporations. 

During his tenure in the State House, Gov. Scranton championed many innovative programs, including those related to mental health programs and health care access in Pennsylvania. As the United States Ambassador to the United Nations, his thoughtful approach to diplomacy and deep commitment to human rights won him worldwide respect and commendation.  

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