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Heather Yost

Heather J. Yost, RN          
Coal Township, PA  

nursesI became a nurse because I needed a career to take care of my son.  My labor and delivery nurses were wonderful and they sparked my interest.  Now, I love nursing. It uses my critical thinking skills and I love taking care of people. It’s also great to be a Nurse at Geisinger. They value nurses and all that we do, from including nurses on all levels of committees and task forces, to offering great tuition reimbursement and educational assistance programs. Many nurses, me included, have been able to advance their careers only because of the financial help Geisinger has provided. The programs offer the chance for nurses to go back to school – without the worry.      

The more education you have, the greater your knowledge to work with patients. Since I’ve been able to advance my education, my patient communication skills have greatly improved. Not only has additional education improved my ability to explain things to my patients, I’m also better at encouraging, motivating and inspiring them.  

When I went onto the website to make my donation to the Nursing Campaign (part of Geisinger’s Employee Campaign), I was planning to give to one of the very worthwhile nursing education endowments, so other nurses would be helped like I was. But then, I saw all the different funds where I could make a difference. The Autism Fund hit a nerve. My nephew has autism and I would love to see a cure for autism or help him and his family in some way. The whole online giving process was so easy – I made a payroll deduction and donated primary PTO. A little bit goes a long way and I’m happy to be able to give to the Nursing Campaign and help the people who need it.

-- Heather J. Yost, RN (BSN, June 2013)
   Team Coordinator, Medical/Surgical Unit
   Geisinger-Shamokin Area Community Hospital

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