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Jerry & Jeff Gallagher

The Gallaghers' story: we are forever grateful

gallagherThe father and son team, Jerry and Jeff Gallagher, have been in the elevator business for many years – Jerry for more than 40 years. They know that life is full of ups and downs and they take pride in ensuring that riders get to their destinations safely.

What they did not expect was that they would both take unexpected elevator trips to the heart and vascular department at Geisinger–Community Medical Center (G-CMC). “We both experienced cardiac events that led to quadruple bypass heart surgeries,” recalls Jeff.


Jerry, Age 70: I knew something was wrong when I had difficulty breathing. My son insisted I talk with my doctor, who sent me to the catheterization lab at G-CMC. The cardiology experts identified four blockages in my heart. I was taken into surgery that day. Only four days later, I was up and walking around.

Jeff, Age 40: I knew something wasn’t right. I was experiencing a feeling of indigestion and neck pain for two days. My family has a history of heart disease, and after my father’s experience, I was not taking any chances. I went to the ER at G-CMC and was taken right away to the catheterization lab. Geisinger cardiology experts found five blockages. Although our situations differed, the excellent care that we received at G-CMC remained the same. The knowledgeable team of expert physicians and staff gave us a clear picture of how serious our conditions were, and reassured us that we were getting the best care possible.

We knew that our lifestyles would need to drastically change. Once we recovered from our surgeries, we joined each other in cardiac rehabilitation classes. The post-operative care and support of G-CMC’s heart and vascular physicians provided us with the resources necessary to make these critical changes.

Jerry: The experts at G-CMC helped us maintain our quality of life, and we are forever grateful. We are sharing our stories to stress the importance of having this high level of heart and vascular care available right here in our backyard.

You can help ensure leading-edge heart and vascular care right here at home

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