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Jennifer Hoover

Jennifer's story: cancer survivor and proud mother of six

hooverWhile pregnant with her third son, Jennifer was diagnosed with breast cancer that had to be treated right away with surgery and chemotherapy.

Her surgeon and oncologist at Geisinger Medical Center knew exactly how to time the treatments in a way that would not hurt her baby. Kenny was born healthy.

Jennifer was able to breastfeed him, her twin girls, and another son who followed, which was very important to her.


I was 31 years old, pregnant, and filled with dreams for our growing family. My husband, Norm, and I were already blessed with two beautiful children. Our lives were hectic – but good. Our hopes for the future, however, were crushed when we learned the devastating news that I had breast cancer during my second trimester. Worse yet, my cancer treatment could not wait. I would need surgery and chemotherapy right away, while I was pregnant. 

I was in shock, scared for the health of my unborn baby, and frightened for our family. But I was also blessed. From the moment my lump was discovered, I had an amazing Geisinger team whose compassion, understanding and love guided me each step of the way. They not only knew how to handle my complex medical case, but also how to alleviate my fears and anxiety. My two rocks were my surgeon, Dr. James Evans, who ended his vacation early to perform my lumpectomy, and my oncologist, Dr. Samir Kheiri, who reassured me that my chemotherapy treatment was completely safe and would not harm my baby.

My doctors, nurses, and everyone else who touched our lives during that time became invaluable members of our family. They reassured us that our baby, Kenny, and I would both survive. And we did. Today, I am a cancer survivor and a proud mother of six healthy children, three of whom were born after my battle with cancer. I’m thankful for Geisinger and my healthcare team, whose skill and compassion helped me and my baby survive breast cancer.

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