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Julie Huntington

Julie's story: blessed to have expert cancer care so close to home

huntingtonIt took a lot to get me through my breast cancer treatment—my supportive family and my strong faith were more important to me than I can express. But it was the care and compassion with which I was treated at Geisinger Medical Center (GMC) by everyone — from my doctors and nurses to the housekeepers and volunteers — that made me feel truly blessed.

After my oncologist, Dr. Vogel, made that tough diagnosis, he worked with me and a number of other doctors and surgeons to come up with a treatment plan tailored just for me. I underwent surgery and chemotherapy, as I expected. But I also had the opportunity to be part of a new clinical trial, just one of many forward-thinking cancer research projects that Geisinger is spearheading. I find it so inspiring to think that I could be even a small part of a new therapy that could help future cancer patients.

My wonderful team of physicians and caregivers, including Drs. Gergel and Evans, at Geisinger guided me through all of my treatment with such care and compassion. They were so kind to my husband, Bob, and my daughter, Becky, who they knew were extremely important to my well-being. 

They weren’t there just to care for my breast cancer – they were there to care for me.

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