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Meredith Lehman, RN, BSN, BC

Meredith's story: my grandmother would be so proud

lehmanWe all have ideas of what we want to be when we grow up. My dream of becoming a cardiovascular nurse was connected to my grandmother and her battle with heart disease. Though she has passed away, she continues to be my inspiration.

As a nursing student, I realized that in order to pursue this specialized field of nursing, I needed additional education. The Alice E. Steele Nursing Education Endowment provided scholarship assistance to help me finish my Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing. I then went on to receive my board certification in cardiovascular nursing, and today I am living my dream as a cardiac nurse at the Hospital for Advanced Medicine at Geisinger Medical Center.

I will be forever grateful for the tuition assistance I received from Geisinger. Each day, I am privileged to treat people with fragile heart conditions, just like my grandmother. Caring for patients following a heart attack, angioplasty or pacemaker surgery is extremely rewarding. I know my grandmother would be proud of me today. And I have the Alice E. Steele Nursing Education Endowment to thank for my bright future. 

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