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Angelo & Anna Marie Murazzi

Scranton, PA

murazziIn October of 2011, Ann Marie Murazzi left work at Geisinger-Community Medical Center and headed for her North Scranton home, never thinking this day would be any different than her usual routine.

When she walked through the door, she found her husband, Angelo, on the floor, unable to move or speak. Although Angelo, a 61-year-old father of two, was very active and an avid mountain bike rider for 25 years, he had a history of atrial fibrillation -- also known as an irregular heartbeat – a factor in the increased risk of stroke. 

After being whisked away by ambulance to G-CMC, Angelo arrived in the Emergency Department and a “Code Purple” was called. In an instant, G-CMC’s stroke team assembled in order to treat Angelo as quickly and effectively as possible. From there, Angelo was rushed for a CT scan of the brain, which confirmed he was, indeed, experiencing a stroke. It was then determined that Angelo was the perfect candidate for intravenous tissue plasimigen activator (tPA), a clot-busting medication that works best if administered right away. 

Because Angelo received a rapid diagnosis and treatment by the stroke team at G-CMC, he is grateful that a stroke care center was available so close to home. Although he does not remember his first two-days in the hospital, by the third day he was up and walking with assistance and being taken care of on the hospital’s neurosciences unit, which offers specialized nurses, neurologists and a stroke coordinator who could follow his progress.  

Eventually, Angelo was moved to Geisinger-Mountain View Care Center where he stayed for month and a half.  

“They got me going,” Angelo said of his follow-up therapy. “Mountain View Care Center got me doing the things that I couldn’t do after the stroke.”

Angelo, now retired from Murazzi Provisions where he worked as meat cutter for 40 years, still walks with the assistance of a cane, but he continues to go to physical therapy daily.

“I’m getting better every day,” Angelo stated. As for G-CMC’s stroke care program he said: “It was excellent. I really have to give them credit.” Ann Marie agrees with Angelo and stated, “If not for the rapid response, things could have turned out differently and for that I am grateful.”

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