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Lindsie & Brian Wolfe

Lindsie & Brian's story: we knew we were in the best medical hands

wolfeFrom our first weeks of pregnancy through to the birth of our precious twins, we were met with obstacle after obstacle.

Our first surprise came when we learned we were having twins, after undergoing fertility treatments. Our second came when we learned I was having silent contraction at 28 weeks and was at high risk to deliver the babies prematurely. Several days of bed rest at Geisinger and medications to stop labor and develop the babies’ lungs followed. It was very scary, but our doctors had a plan for each of the problems we faced. They reassured us by explaining and including us in every decision regarding our babies. At no point in this emotional roller coaster did we feel alone.

Finally, after two months of weekly check-ups and ultrasound scans to assess our babies’ development, a Caesarean section was scheduled. But a week before, our babies surprised us again. Reese was breach and Ethan wasn’t growing. The next day, surrounded by our doctors, and two teams of neonatologists and nurse specialists, our twins were born. They were healthy and weighed over 5 pounds each.

As we watch Reese and Ethan grow and thrive, we know we made the right choice. Geisinger provided the kind of prenatal care we could not have received anywhere else.

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