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Best Patient Care Experience

Patient Care photo It all begins with a simple question: "How do we improve the patient experience?" This is the starting point for every initiative at Geisinger Health System.

Geisinger has all of the tools in place to change healthcare as the nation knows it. We have research, education and clinical partnerships throughout the United States — and the world.

These assets combined uniquely position us to pilot and expand programs that directly impact patient and population care.

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GenomeFIRSTSince most clinicians do not specialize in medical genetics, Geisinger is developing educational materials and tools necessary to provide clinical staff with the knowledge and confidence they need to incorporate genetic results into patient treatment and care plans.

One of the ways we are doing this is through the GenomeFIRST program, which places Geisinger at the forefront of genomics and clinical care integration and creates a model for the nation to follow.

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ADMI Mock MRI Scanner








At Geisinger, we know that having an MRI can be a difficult and claustrophobic experience for anyone, let alone a child. That’s why the Autism and Developmental Medicine Institute, or ADMI, in Lewisburg, a joint medical and research initiative with Geisinger and Bucknell University, has started utilizing a mock MRI machine. This is just another way Geisinger is enhancing the patient experience — for all of our patients.

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2016 Child Protection Summit








The 2016 Child Protection Summit — sponsored by Geisinger and the Central Susquehanna Community Foundation — brought together more than 150 attendees representing various health, law enforcement and social services agencies to the Henry Hood Center at Geisinger Medical Center.


Child Advocacy Center








The Child Advocacy Center (CAC) of the Central Susquehanna Valley, a division of Geisinger's Janet Weis Children's Hospital, was created in 2004 to streamline the forensic interview process for victims of child abuse. 

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