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Autism & Developmental Medicine Institute

Geisinger Health System's Autism & Developmental Medicine Institute (ADMI) is a system-wide initiative focused on clinical care and cutting edge research to help children with special developmental needs. The vision of ADMI is to expand and seamlessly integrate clinical services, research, and education through a multidisciplinary team of providers and researchers, including specialists in genomic medicine, psychology, speech-language pathology, radiology, and education.

AutismLack of timely access to expert diagnostic services and resources is a widespread problem, with greater challenges in rural communities. Even when diagnosed, many patients and their families are given an assortment of medical, behavioral, and educational evaluations that may be inaccurate or contradictory. As a result, early care plans may be misdirected or inadequate. Such medical quests can last for years, causing unnecessary use of clinical and laboratory resources, missed opportunities for the earliest and most effective treatments, and needless frustrations for patient and family.

The Solution

The goal of ADMI is to establish a network of regional centers of excellence that will provide the highest quality care for children with special developmental needs. Our centers will ensure accessible, efficient, and effective care, while linking clinical care and research, education and family support. ADMI's initial location in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania, is a collaboration between Geisinger Medical Center and Bucknell University. ADMI headquarters are currently housed here, as well. Geisinger clinicians and researchers work side-by-side with educators, scientists, and students from Bucknell to strengthen the cross-discipline expertise of both institutions and gain exceptional, personalized results for each patient.

A second ADMI center in Forty Fort, Pennsylvania will extend services to families in the northeastern region of the Commonwealth.

Help Geisinger Redefine Developmental Medicine

With your support we can provide early intervention, diagnosis, and expert care to change the lives of hundreds of thousands of patients and their families. Help us to provide:

  • Direct access to nationally-recognized physicians, scientists, and specialists who are pioneering best practices for the evaluation and treatment of developmental disorders
  • Comprehensive evaluations and recommendations to ease the diagnostic journey for our young patients and their families
  • Connections to reputable resources for ongoing management and support of NDD and ASD challenges.
  • Expert advice that has the potential to reduce lifetime behavioral health costs by improving management of healthcare resources
  • Opportunities for families to participate in ground-breaking research into the causes of and treatments for ASDs, intellectual disabilities, and other developmental disorders

Learn more about supporting Geisinger's Autism & Developmental Medicine Institute (.pdf)

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