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Geisinger Institute on Nursing Excellence

Megan West King, MSN, RN, CCEGeisinger Nursing is focused on providing the best care to all our patients by creating an environment where the patient is at the center of everything we do. Whether the topic is attracting the best and brightest nurses, conducting clinical research, helping our nurses obtain specialty certifications or advanced degrees, all activities directly impact patient care.

Another dimension that improves patient care at Geisinger is a culture that empowers our nurses to directly impact how healthcare is delivered, from the hospital to the home. Our nurses are a valued and critical part of the care team, with specialty training and credentials across more than 30 clinical service lines.

Excellent nursing care, redefined

We continue to provide the best nursing care available anywhere, consistent with Mrs. Geisinger's mandate and our culture of patient safety and patient satisfaction. But we are taking it to the next level: Geisinger nursing stands as a national leader in the practice of nursing through our accomplishments in innovation and redesign of bedside care, placing our nurses at the center of multi-disciplinary healthcare, and as a constant influence along the entire care continuum. With your support, there are many nursing care advancements that can be realized. Some of them include:

  • Expanded educational scholarships that provide financial assistance to nurses to obtain nursing degrees, specialty certifications, or training on the latest medical advances.
  • Development of an educational resource center, staffed by a career counselor, connecting nurses to information and opportunities to make the best use of their skills and talents.
  • Creation of a Nursing Research Endowment fund to support patient-focused research from a nursing care perspective.

Learn more about supporting nursing education to improve patient care:

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