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Clinical Care

Clinical CareGeisinger's commitment to quality and innovation continues to drive all patient care decisions and keep Geisinger at the forefront of America's healthcare evolution.

One of Geisinger's major priorities is population health: delivering value-based care across the spectrum of patients, from the healthy to the critically ill. Enabled by its integrated structure, Geisinger has developed best practices and tools designed to manage patient populations.

Our signature ProvenCare® model is a key example of Geisinger quality and value. ProvenCare focuses on patients with pre-identified medical conditions using verified best-practices and proven treatments. In addition to coronary artery bypass surgery - the program that the New York Times called "The Warranty" - the ProvenCare model has been applied to perinatal care, bariatric surgery, cataract surgery, angioplasty, hip replacement, and other procedures. It has also been utilized across the range of chronic care diseases, providing care in the hospital, physician's office, at home, or other settings. The ProvenCare chronic care portfolio includes diabetes, congestive heart failure, low back pain, erythropoietin management, and hypertension.

Patient Care

ProvenHealth Navigator® is a highly acclaimed example of Geisinger's population health initiative. The program is designed to reduce hospital stays and emergency room visits and to help patients live as independently as possible. A partnership between patients, physicians, nursing professionals, and Geisinger Health Plan, Proven Health Navigator focuses on improving the quality of care provided in physicians' offices by relying on nursing professionals as a vital part of physician-led patient care teams. As a result, patient-provider communication is enhanced, medical issues are identified early, patient education is increased, and patient satisfaction improves exponentially.

Leveraging technology, Geisinger uses telehealth to partner with community hospitals - many of which are in rural communities - to ensure that patients receive quality care no matter where they live. Examples of programs that connect Geisinger specialists to remote locations include eICU®, tele-stroke, pediatric cardiology, and tele-psychiatry.

Help Geisinger Redifine the Boundaries of Patient Care

But there is more to be accomplished. Your support will help us bring quality care close to where people live and work, continue to develop new and innovative care models, and engage patients in their own care.

Philanthropic investment can be made in areas such as:

  • Recruiting highly specialized physicians and other healthcare professionals
  • Clinical program development for innovative care delivery, including neurosciences, cancer heart and vascular disease, and autism and developmental medicine
  • Clinical outreach to rural communities
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