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RESEARCH & Discovery


Research and clinical discovery have been a part of Geisinger's mission since its founding. Today, the health system's integrated model, electronic health record and stable multi-generational population present us with opportunities to quickly translate research into clinical protocols.

Much of Geisinger's research and discovery revolves around collaborations that occur at the Sigfried and Janet Weis Center for Research (the Weis Center) and the Henry Hood Center for Health Research. At the Weis Center, investigators strive to understand the molecular and genetic basis of a variety of disorders and work in partnership with clinicians to translate this knowledge to patient care. Research at the Center for Health Research focuses on accelerating discoveries that improve population health, revolutionize the translation of knowledge into practice, and create healthcare solutions that are both patient-centered and economically sustainable.

Geisinger clinicians conduct research in virtually every clinical area, including obesity, heart and vascular, women's health, neurosciences, autism, and developmental disorders. Geisinger is poised to deliver on the promise of improving outcomes and achieving personalized healthcare for every patient… and for populations of patients that are impacted by common health factors.

Reasearch & DiscoveryGeisinger's Genomic Medicine Institute and its partnership in the national Electronic Medical Records and Genomics (eMERGE) program will facilitate the rapid movement of genomic clinical research into routine care, forging a new frontier that will greatly benefit patients. The impact and reach of genomics within Geisinger will continue to expand, reaching many more clinical areas of interest in the years to come.

As an organization that delivers healthcare over a wide geography, Geisinger is able to develop initiatives that will help us to better understand how the environment, social factors, and access to care affect our patients and communities. This knowledge enables us to deploy resources in the most impactful and efficient way.

The last decade has also brought forth breakthroughs in medications, devices, surgical procedures and treatment options. Geisinger researchers participate in many of the nation's largest multi-center clinical trials, as well as many unique smaller trials.

As we move into our second century we will delve even deeper into patient preferences, engagement in care, and adherence to treatment plans. In partnership with our patients, caregivers, and communities, we will continue our quest to redefine the boundaries of healthcare.

Help Geisinger Redefine the Boundaries of Research & Discovery

Philanthropic support helps Geisinger to redouble efforts to break new ground in research that directly impacts how healthcare is provided and financed, improve the health of defined populations, and directly impact the lives of millions of patients and their families.

Philanthropic investment can be made in areas such as:

  • Recruitment of highly trained scientists and clinician investigators
  • Strategic research programs and projects across the system
  • Clinical research targeted to primary service lines or specialty care, such as genomic clinical research to define new frontiers in patient care.
  • Acquisition and development of research facilities and equipment
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