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Our Services

Government Relations is available to perform the following services, among others. Contact us for further information:

  • Schedule and coordinate visits with congressional members in Washington, D,C., and with members of the Pennsylvania General Assembly.
  • Provide ombudsman services to help resolve concerns involving legislative office and executive agencies and the governor's office.
  • Seek opportunities for Geisinger Health System membership on state and federal governmental boards and commissions.
  • Arrange briefings for legislators and staff by Geisinger faculty and staff.
  • Represent Geisinger's interests before Congress, the Pennsylvania Legislature, governor's office, executive agencies and local government officials.
  • Monitor federal and state legislation and regulations of interest to Geisinger Health System and distribute copies of bills and regulations to appropriate faculty and staff for comment and discussion.
  • Notify Government Relations of issues, potential conflicts and opposition to legislative proposals.
  • Develop political strategies for pursuing needed legislation or regulations before Congress and the Pennsylvania General Assembly.
  • Coordinate all contacts with the Congress and the general assembly and legislative staff with Government Relations, including providing copies of all correspondence and notes of telephone contacts.
  • Coordinate all testimony on legislation with Government Relations. In those instances in which a faculty or staff member is representing a professional association or themselves, it is strongly recommended that Government Relations be informed. This may provide opportunities for the professional association and the Health System to work collaboratively.
  • Inform Government Relations in advance of invitations to members of Congress, the general assembly or staff to visit Geisinger in their official capacity. When requests are received from members of Congress, the general assembly or their staff to visit Geisinger for the purpose of gathering information and/or to make arrangements, Government Relations will be expected to assist with the visit.