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Center for Clinical Innovation
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The primary theme for the Center for Clinical Innovation (CCI), directed by Jonathan Darer, MD, MPH, will be to implement and evaluate care delivery solutions designed to

  • address failures of current fragmented systems of care,
  • leverage information technology and advanced analytics to support population health and
  • explore disruptive care delivery models. 

Clinical Innovation, as integrated into the Institute for Advanced Application, will also seek to develop Learning Health System technologies designed to lower the cost and increase the quality of evaluation of innovations, specifically focused upon the measurement of health care value.

The CCI contains 3 laboratories with distinct areas of focus:

Laboratory for Disruptive Innovation and Population Health Applications 

Launched over 6 years ago, the Geisinger Division of Clinical Innovation has transformed care delivery through the use of advanced analytics and health information technology.  To address the ongoing mandates to improve quality and reduce costs for patients across the care continuum, Innovation is developing applications designed to assist the health care teams provide care for large populations of patients and test new models of care delivery.  These applications take advantage of new technologies including predictive modeling and care process automation while continuing to augment and integrate with existing EHRs.  Early examples include applications designed to a) enhance clinician documentation, b) facilitate care through physician-to-physician communication, and c) provide real-time analytics for reliable inpatient care delivery.

Laboratory for Patient and Family Engagement

Geisinger is one of the first healthcare institutions in the world to adopt OpenNotes – a program demonstrating remarkable success at engaging patients and families through sharing physician progress notes through a secure patient web portal.  Building upon the success of OpenNotes, Clinical Innovation will continue to expand its program of patient and family engagement through the use of health information technology.  Early examples will include explorations into sharing predictive risk information, engagement of informal caregivers and enhancing the quality of care for patients with advanced serious illness.

Laboratory for Learning Health System Technologies

High-quality, efficient care in the future will be predicated upon an organization’s ability to learn and improve, especially within the context of delivering greater health care value.  Clinical innovation is seeking to develop applications, methodologies and infrastructure to support widespread learning initiatives across healthcare institutions.  Early examples of work in this area include enhancing the capture of patient self-reported outcomes, exploring the use of qualitative evaluation methods, and developing analytics data architecture to support research methods including risk adjustment, cohort development and outcomes tracking.