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The primary theme for the Center for Emerging Technology and Informatics (CETI), directed by Gregory Moore, MD, PhD, involves scanning the technology and informatics horizons to discover the most promising solutions with the potential to transform healthcare and then rigourously adapting, validating and implementing these solutions within the Gesinger healthcare laboratory.

The CETI contains 4 laboratories with distinct areas of focus:

Disruptive Technology and Gadgets Laboratory  (DTGL)

The DTGL focuses on the identification, acquisition, testing, adaptation, and application of disruptive technologies and devices for improved healthcare. Areas of focus may include applications for providers in various healthcare settings (clinics, ER, inpatient) as well as applications for patients at home for remote diagnosis and monitoring. Examples may include assessment and deployment of hand held point of care examination devices, various devices to remotely monitor patient vital signs, blood oxygenation, physical and cognitive activity, and sleep patterns. Exploration of Google glass (and similar devices) is an example of a disruptive technology that is actively being explored for healthcare applications within the DTGL.

Laboratory for Human Interface Technology in Healthcare (HITH)

The HITH laboratory focuses on the human interface and interaction with technology in the healthcare setting, addressing needs of both providers and patients. A core part of the work of this laboratory’s work involves the effective implementation of advanced technology (including mobile technology) throughout the Geisinger system. Core activities in this center will involve: task analysis and design, device evaluation and usability, enhancing communication/collaboration, training/adaptation, and enhancing resiliency and performance.

Novel Data Streams and Analytics Laboratory (NDSAL)

The NDSAL focuses on the capture and analysis of big data that has not traditionally been a part of the healthcare data stream. Examples of such data streams include data derived from purchasing activity, internet browsing, and social media activity (Facebook, Twitter, etc). A key component of this work involves proposing and designing methods for effectively utilizing social analytic approaches for improved healthcare while maintaining both provider and patient trust. Another example of novel data streams for capture and analysis includes image/video capture from smartphones for multiple healthcare applications including enterprise-wide remote diagnostics, triage and care.

Special Projects Laboratory (SPL)

The SPL is the area within CETI where the highest risk/highest reward novel technology projects and applications are developed and explored. The exploratory development and early stage application work carried out in the SPL typically has restricted internal Geisinger access and is closed to non-Geisinger entities until such time that the projects have matured and applicable intellectual property (IP) disclosures have been filed. Examples of the general types of projects being carried out in the SPL include: evaluation and adaptation of novel remote bio-sensing technologies, adaptation of gaming applications and devices, adaptation of advanced pattern recognition and prediction technologies, and novel data mining approaches applied to traditional and non-traditional healthcare databases.