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Institute for Advanced Application
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The Institute for Advanced Application (IAA) exists to bring together and support skilled individuals in the discovery, design, research, evaluation, adaptation, testing and implementation of emerging technologies, data, analytic strategies, and systems engineering solutions across the healthcare, scientific, engineering, technology, informatics and industrial sectors aimed at transformational efforts in improving the care of patients and improving the healthcare value proposition to patients, providers, payers and employers.

Leading Change:

The Institute for Advanced Application (IAA) is accountable for making significant, tangible contributions to the ways in which the ever changing landscape of technology, informatics and systems engineering is applied to improve patient care delivery, patient engagement and critical evaluation of the return on investment for such.


Intentionally designed to be free from the constraints of conventional thinking with regard to the use of new technologies and innovative approaches in support of transforming the future of healthcare, the culture of the Institute for Advanced Application (IAA) is a mix of “think tank”, research laboratory, and “skunkworks”.

Organized for Synergy:

The Institute for Advanced Application (IAA) is a Geisinger Health System-backed initiative which brings together diverse discipline expertise (clinical, research, engineering,  innovation, technology, data, informatics, mobile/telehealth, health plan, strategy, business and finance) from within Geisinger and external to Geisinger.

Within the IAA there are 3 distinct inter-related Centers addressing the themes of Re-engineering Healthcare, Clinical Innovation, and Emerging Technology and Informatics.  Each of these Centers contain multiple laboratories with specific areas of focus.


The IAA also contains the Geisinger Informatics and Technology Trials Office which serves as a streamlined collaborative portal for external entities (industry, academic, government, foundations) to test and validate the impact of their innovations within the Geisinger Health System laboratory.