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Informatics and Technology Trials Office
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Geisinger Informatics and Technology Trials Office (GITTO) serves as a streamlined portal for external entities (industry, academic, government, foundations) to test and validate the impact of their innovations within the Geisinger Health System laboratory.

A unique feature for collaborative partners innovating with the Geisinger Healthcare laboratory via the GITTO is the ability to quantitatively access the impact (and thus value) of their innovations on key healthcare metrics including quality of care and the total cost of care. This capability for rigorous assesment is powered by Geisinger’s analytics teams and sophisticated data warehouse encompassing both our extensive EHR and Health Plan databases.

Defined pathways are available through this office to facilitate a full spectrum of collaborative options including early stage incubator/ co-development opportunities, academic collaborations, and fee for service contractual agreements. Innovations that demonstrate a significant positive impact on key metrics qualify for a streamlined GITTO process to negotiate for Geisinger reference site agreements and/or Geisinger co-branding opportunities.  GITTO also features a streamlined mechanism to address intellectual property rights of collaborating entities.