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Our Philosophy

Lodging for Adults with Cancer

house of care geisinger danville paThe Donald P. Vrabec House of Care was established to serve as convenient and affordable lodging for adult patients with cancer and their families. Though we do not offer direct counseling or professional care, our facility is intended to serve as a vehicle for therapeutic conversation and comfort. Through our emphasis on shared living spaces within the House, we hope to encourage the same type of relaxation and emotional support found in your own home.

This support is amplified by the endless opportunities available to associate with other patients staying at the House. Whether it's a heart to heart talk by our fireplace or a few laughs while watching television, we look to nurture a sense of community at the Donald P. Vrabec House of Care. All of our guests are likely experiencing similar struggles and triumphs that you or your loved ones may be encountering, and the community of guests here may become an unexpectedly valuable asset on your road to recovery.