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"The Charity That is A Trifle To Us Can Be Precious To Others"
Volunteers at Geisinger-Shamokin Area Community Hospital are a valuable resource. In addition to offering individuals the opportunity to help those in need, the patients at G-SACH receive support and other services which might be missing without the generosity of the volunteers.

The volunteer program is organized to allow community members of all ages (minimum 14) to participate and assist in helping one of our community's most important institutions. Many find that there is nothing more gratifying than the experience of donating time to help another human being.

The volunteer program is designed with flexibility so that those who have time restraints can still find the time to volunteer. The program also allows the younger, career-minded person the opportunity to get firsthand experience in the health care setting. While there may be some restrictions regarding junior volunteers (aged 14-17), potential areas of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Patient registration
  • Administration
  • Information desk
  • Health information management
  • Med/surg unit
  • Respite services
  • Nursing/human resources administration

Hospital Auxiliary

Another program that allows both men and women to volunteer their time to the benefit of our community hospital is the G-SACH Auxiliary. Being a member of the Auxiliary provides the opportunity to provide valuable service both through volunteer activities like those printed on the previous page, and through involvement in special fund raising projects.

The Corner Shop, located in the lobby of Geisinger-Shamokin Area Community Hospital, is operated by the G-SACH Auxiliary, and is another avenue for volunteers to pursue. The Corner Shop sells food and beverages, as well as small gifts and snack items.

Throughout the past years, the Auxiliary has raised hundreds of thousand of dollars that went towards the acquisition of specialized equipment, facility renovations and other patient focused projects.

The auxiliary meets on a monthly basis and welcomes new members at the dues contribution of $5 per year. Lifetime membership in the Auxiliary is available for $50.

If you are at least 14 years of age, enjoy working with all types of people, and wish to give the "gift of time" to those in need, contact the volunteer office at Geisinger-Shamokin Area Community Hospital for further information: 570-644-4357.