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Visiting Hours

Preferably there should be no more than two visitors per patient at any one time. Only children of 14 years of age and older are allowed to visit patients on the floors by state law. Smoking is not permitted inside the hospital or on hospital grounds.

Visiting Hours
Med-Surg: Visitation Hours are from 11 am to 8 pm No children under the age of fourteen (14) are permitted.
ICU/CCU: Visitation is the first 15 minutes of each hour from 10 am to 8 pm. No children are permitted under the age of 14.

Sibling Visits: Arrangements for sibling visits can be made through nursing administration or the nurse supervisor.

Behavior of Visitors
Visitors must not interfere with the activities of the professional staff. Quiet should be maintained. Visitors should not bring food to the patients unless specifically advised to do so. They shold not congregate in patient care areas and must not sit on patient's beds.

Belongings of Visitors
The hospital is not responsible for visitor's personal belongings.

Waiting Rooms
The hospital waiting rooms are located on the second floor across the hall from the ICU.